I draw funny little drawings and make purses . . .



In early March 2011, oywah jumped on a bandwagon and headed off into the wild to find her inner self, mesmerised by funny little creatures and objects she has never seen, or touched.

Into the wild forest, jungle and coast, walking miles on end, nowhere to be seen or heard.

Having disappeared for three and a half months, she finally reappeared at the end of June.

No one knows where she has been, nor does she?

She is not a storyteller, nor a writer. She illustrates her travels and prints, in a little ramshackle shed by the sea with the pirates.

Her work is influenced by her inner child, moving away from reality to reality, and the reality she would liked to be.  

It has taken a little while for her to understand her true self. 

However, the journey is still young and there are many more stones to be climbed  . . .



After her return, oywah illustrated a small collection of her journeys. She wanted to emphasise that there is more to life than working towards your dream. 

By illustrating a place or journey you may or may not have been on, or perhaps dreaming and longing to be there.

It was about memories, places, travellers journeys and stories.

This group of work has inspired her. One day, all she wants is to travel and illustrate around the world. 

In June 2012, oywah produced a local piece, 'Around the Alleys'.

It was like "A picture without a thousand words".

A map combined with historical facts, reality and humour. It is a piece where locals or visitors can create their own memories, version of the town.

Each piece takes time to produce, and there will be many pieces to come, slowly, but surely . 



oywah is a lover of interiors, stationary  and hand made products. She has a diverse range of skills and styles which allows her to play.

She is a strong believer that her products should be made in England. To make high quality products she believes in using the finest materials. Many items are printed by hand and are produced using her own illustrations.

She has also produced a small range of soft furnishings. Quote "When I was young I used to dream . . ."

Made something small and fun. Her first little pebble suede purse became a little winner! 

The latest piece is her new found love of leather, which led to a new collection in May 2014

Every year she works on numerous projects and has been developing and understanding her true style. She has not really found it yet!

It will take time.  It is a true labour of Love!